My name is Duncan Hill, I am a thirty-something musician and writer who spent his late teens and twenties hustling, touring, and recording as a guitarist and songwriter, all the while failing to make a decent living at a variety of other professions. These include, but are not limited too; auto mechanic, painter, tour boat captain, dog trainer, home cutlery salesman, zip line tour guide, and let us not forget, one season as a stand up paddle board rental dock attendant (amazing job,fyi).

My life changed drastically when I simultaneously ended a brief (albeit, valliant) attempt at a first marriage and took a job as a vineyard hand. Whilst I was all prepared to do some major soul searching and inner focus, the universe had other plans. Instead of contemplating my purpose in hot yoga classes and taking out a car title loan to hire a psychiatrist, life said, "no time for that shit, here is a pair of pruners." 

I already loved wine from a beverage standpoint, but that job ignited an immediate and deep romance with the wine WORLD. From pruning, planting, driving a tractor, and harvesting the grapes (That we grew! Totally made me understand why parents are so stupid proud of their kids) to helping the winemaker crush and rack, to bullshitting and drinking with the sales reps I knew this was a culture in which I could thrive. As much as I loved working in the viticulture side of the business, an old back injury from zip line heroics of days past, as well as my touring schedule, prompted a move into the tasting room where I began my sales career. Thats when it really hit me. You can get paid to drink and talk about wine, in addition to getting paid to play and teach music..No shit, it's a real life thing. 

This website is intended to share my world with yours, I hope you dig it.